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Education Consultant Houston


Educational Consultant Houston

Social Skills Training I Parent Coaching I Educational Advocacy

What We Do

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Our Mission

Educate and empower children and their parents with knowledge to guide them in making the best educational and social decisions.  

Children with social difficulties often experience peer rejection and bullying. Later in life, they are more likely to be underemployed and prone to mood and anxiety problems. The Tallest Trees provides social skills classes to children ranging in ages from early elementary to adolescence.  Development of social skills in pre-adulthood has been shown to greatly contribute to healthy, happy and sustainable life outcomes. 

Our coaching program helps empower parents to develop the communication skills necessary for clear and positive conversation with their child(ren). Our approach also works to decrease parental stress, leading to a more trusting parent/child relationship.


We also offer educational advocacy services on a case-by-case basis to aid families in navigating the often-cumbersome world of special education.

Our Vision

All children, regardless of their abilities, deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential and be happy. 


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